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What does the "answer distribution" in survey cards show?
What does the "answer distribution" in survey cards show?

The "Show answer distribution" option allows you to display on survey cards how many users chose which answers.

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The "Show answer distribution" option is particularly useful if learners want to compare their answers with other users.

Die Antwortverteilung zeigt prozentuelle Auswahlwerte von Umfrage-Karten.

On cards of the Survey: Choice template, you can activate the "Show answer distribution" option. The option is available for both single and multiple choice variants.

Tip: Use this option if you want users to benefit from the response distribution. For example, if the answers in the survey represent different competences.

How is the percentage value calculated?

The percentage value shows the ratio of the given answer to the total number of given answers. In multiple choice surveys, the sum of the percentage values can therefore be over 100 %.

The percentage value is updated each time the deck containing the card is called up. Users can therefore see the latest values at all times, but can no longer change the answer once it has been confirmed.

Is it possible to reset these values?

The "Show answer distribution" option can be activated and deactivated as required. All answers already given are always taken into account.

If you want to reset these values to 0 (for example after a test), you must also reset the answers. The easiest way to do this is to edit an answer.

Please note: If you edit and reset answers, you will lose all survey answers that have already been collected. This action cannot be undone.

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