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How can I obtain consent from users, e.g. for data protection provisions?
How can I obtain consent from users, e.g. for data protection provisions?

Here you can find out everything you need to know about inserting agreements / conditions in ovos play.

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ovos play offers you the option of creating static pages. A static page can be created as an agreement page. This page then appears when new users register or must be accepted when users log in with an existing account. An example of this are data protection provisions.

Display of the agreement pages on the registration page of the app.

As an administrator, you can create an agreement page. Navigate to Create โž” Static Pages within the administration interface.

Click the Add Static Page in the top right-hand corner to create a new static page.

The button to add a static page can be found in the top right corner.

Assign a name and select the type "Agreement". You can use the text editor to define the content of the static page. As in our example, this could be the detailed data protection provisions.

Defining Visibility

You can choose if an agreement page should be active and if it should be shown in the menu below the field Visibility in the app. You can choose between three options:

  • Hide from menu: The agreement page will not be shown in the app menu, but is shown in the registration form.

  • Active: The agreement page is visible in the app menu and the registration form.

  • Disabled: The agreement page is neither visible nor accessible.

You can individually choose the label of the agreement page in the registration form. Enter the desired label in the field Agreement Label on Registration.

You can set options for the agreement label on registration and a unique agreement slug at the end of the form.

More options for agreement pages

When creating an agreement page, you have to specify a unique agreement slug. Agreements can be changed anytime later on. When you update the page to a new version, you should also update the agreement slug, to make sure that every user confirms the updated version. As soon as the agreement slug changes, every user of the app has to accept and confirm the agreement again.

Tip: We recommend to add a timestamp to the agreement slug to ensure an identification for the current used version.

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