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How do I create a "Text+Reveal" card in ovos play?
How do I create a "Text+Reveal" card in ovos play?

The "Text+Reveal" card template is suitable as an interactive display for bullet point lists.

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You can create the "Text + Reveal" template for a content card with highlighted bullet points. All text formats such as headings, quote blocks, lists and separators are available here. The expandable elements are only displayed to users with a click. This ensures a varied learning experience and makes the bullet points easier to remember.

Die "Text + Aufklappen"-Karte zeigt den hinzugefügten Text und aufklappbare Inhalte.

Create a "Text+Reveal" card

To create a card from the "Text+Reveal" template, click on the Add card button within a deck.

First assign a name for the card. The "Text-Reveal" card must also contain text content and at least one heading to expand.

All formatting options are available for the Text field. All information on using the text editor can be found in the article How do I create a Text card?

Adding expandable elements

You can add several fields in the Headlines area. Each of these fields defines expandable content. Click on Add field to add a new headline.

You can add as many headlines as you like, which you can move using drag and drop. The headlines appear in the order you have specified. If you want the order of the expandable content to be different each time you call up the card, you can activate the Randomized headlines order option.

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