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How does the learning algorithm in ovos play work?
How does the learning algorithm in ovos play work?

ovos play ensures the right questions at the right time for sustainable learning success.

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Our learning algorithm is used in the practice mode of decks or themes and in Quizduell. The algorithm ensures that individual users get the right questions at the right time.

The learning algorithm takes into account the number of correct answers of a question card and the time of the last answer for the selection of cards in a practice session or a quizduel round. First, the question cards that have not been answered for a while are selected in order to recall questions again and again. This is followed by those question cards that are often answered incorrectly in order to consolidate the correct answers. At the end, correctly answered questions are ranked for sustainable learning.

Do all users get the same questions in Quizduell?

No, the questions in a Quizduell round are individually tailored to the player. To ensure that Quizduell has a lasting learning effect and does not become a guessing game, the learning algorithm takes care of selecting the questions. This way, we ensure that users can at least know the answer to questions and that they can compete against users who see different content than they do.

To balance the difficulty of a Quizduell round with different questions, the learning algorithm also calculates the difficulty of a question. This takes into account the total number of times a question is answered correctly or incorrectly.

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