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Does ovos play guarantee barrier-free use?
Does ovos play guarantee barrier-free use?

At ovos play, accessibility is taken into account in the concept, design and development and is a prerequisite for implementation.

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In the current app implementation, the following features are given for barrier-free use:

Simplicity and comprehensibility (for auditory impairments)

  • Users can choose between the available system languages. The languages used are fully translated.

  • Security questions before sensitive actions such as "Delete all personal data" prevent accidental critical executions.

Visual impairments

  • When creating content, it is always possible to add audio files for support.

  • ovos play can be used as a web app and native app with a screen reader.

  • The position within the app can be queried at any time using the screen reader.

  • All colors defined by the system have been designed to provide sufficient contrast.

  • Users can navigate through elements within the web app using a keyboard.

  • Each interactive element within the app is identified with a label and role when using a screen reader.

  • All input fields are clearly labeled.

Motoric restrictions

  • No keyboard combination or gestures with multiple touch points are required to use the app properly.

  • Users can navigate through elements within the web app using the keyboard.

  • Drag-and-drop mechanics are usable via keyboard input.

  • Users can use the input wizards of the operating system to enter content.

Ensuring barrier-free access for future developments

By using agile project management, the development of ovos play can react to demands and changes in barrier-free use at any time and provide solutions for this. The app is continuously tested by automated software, which ensures that operation must be possible via the simplest methods of input. In addition, usability tests are carried out to ensure simple and intuitive operation. With the help of dynamically defined colors, the accessibility for visually impaired users can be continuously improved, e.g. by increasing the contrast.

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