How do I create a "Task: Cloze - Choice"?

The template "Task: Cloze - Choice" allows you to create cloze texts where learners have to select the correct answers.

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To create cloze texts with selection options, you can use the template "Task: Cloze - Choice". Users can choose an answer from a selection of possible answers for each gap.

Bei der "Aufgabe: Lückentext - Auswahl" haben Benutzer*innen die Wahl aus mehreren Antwortmöglichkeiten.

Create a "Task: Cloze - Choice"

To create a card from the "Task: Cloze - Choice" template, click on the Add card button within a deck.

First assign a name for the card. Optionally, each cloze card can also contain an audio datei and a description. The description is displayed in the app in bold and italicized formatting and can be used for an introductory description of the cloze text.

Add a cloze text

You can add your cloze text in the Content field. The text cannot be formatted any further. You can use the Add placeholder button to add a gap with answer options at any point in the text. The placeholders are numbered by their placement and displayed in curved brackets {{1}}. You can add as many placeholders as you like to your cloze text. We recommend a maximum of four placeholders per card.

Add answers

Each placeholder can have one correct answer and several incorrect answers. You can define a separate set of possible answers for each gap. For incorrect answers, write your answer options in the respective answer field and confirm the word with Enter. You can delete the individual answer options at any time.

In addition, you can use the Other field to add incorrect answers that are displayed in all gaps. For example, you can define misleading answers for all placeholders. Again, confirm the word with Enter.

Note: A maximum length of 60 characters is recommended for answers. For longer answers, the layout of the answer display will be adjusted.

Additional settings

With the card template "Task: Cloze - Choice", the answer sequence is determined randomly each time the card is called up. You cannot change this setting for this template.

Each card can also be made visible or hidden individually. If the Visible checkbox is activated, the card is also displayed in the selected deck.

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