How do I create a document card?

You can use the "Document" card template to display PDF documents in decks.

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The card template "Document" is suitable for displaying content from existing PDF documents.

Dokumente können als Lernkarten in ovos play eingefügt werden.

Create "Document"-cards

To create a card from the template document, click on the Add card button within a deck.

For the document card, you only need to specify a name for the card and upload the desired document as a .pdf file. Other file types are not supported for security reasons.

You must also upload a preview image for viewing in the app. The preview image is displayed on the map before the document is opened. We recommend that you do not exceed a file size of 10 MB to keep loading times on mobile devices as short as possible.

You can use the card preview on the left-hand side (click on "Preview" to open it) to check the view of the document. To do this, click on the Open document button in the preview. As soon as you have added a document, you can use the preview.

Save your card at the bottom of the card editor and you will return to the card overview.

Provide document for download

For each document that you upload, you can define whether the document is enabled for download in the app or whether it is a confidential document that may not be downloaded.

At the bottom of the editor you will find the option Allow downloading document. This setting is activated by default. You can deactivate this setting for confidential documents that users are not permitted to download to private devices.

If the download is allowed, a button is displayed in the document in the app with which the document can be downloaded. During the download, the PDF with the file name is downloaded to the end device used and saved.

Ist der Download erlaubt, kann das Dokument in der App heruntergeladen werden.

Additional settings

Each card can alaso be made visible or hidden individually. If the Visible checkbox is activated, the card is also displayed in the selected deck.

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