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How do I create a "Task: Dual column match"?
How do I create a "Task: Dual column match"?

Use the "Task: Dual column match" card template to create questions that users have to solve by making the correct assignment.

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For assignment tasks with two columns, you can use the template "Task: Dual column match". The question can consist of a formatted text or an audio file. The answers are divided into a left and a right column, which must be correctly assigned by the user. Only texts can be used as answers in this template.

Mit dem Template "Aufgabe: Duale Zuordnung" können Sie Zuordnungsaufgaben erstellen.

Create a "Task: Dual column match"

In order to create a card from the template "Task: Dual column match", click on the Add card button within a deck.

First assign a name for the card. The question part of an Task: Dual column match" can consist of an audio or a formatted text. Audio files can be uploaded using drag and drop, or you can click on the file upload field and select the desired file. If you add text, you can use all the formats available to you in the map editor.

Karten des Templates "Aufgabe: Duale Zuordnung" müssen einen Namen und einen Frageteil haben.

Add answers

You can add as many answers as you like to an "Assignment: Dual assignment". To add an answer, click on Add field under the Answers heading.

For each answer, you must enter a text for both columns. The lines with an answer for the left and right column define the correct assignment. Users must assign the right-hand column to the correct answer in the left-hand column.

The correct order of answers requires

Once you have entered your answers for the individual rows, users only have to assign the right-hand column to the answers in the left-hand column by default. In the preview on the right-hand side, you can see that only the right-hand column can be assigned.

If you want users to have to arrange the answer lines in the correct order, you can activate this setting with the checkbox Rows must be arranged in the correct order. If this setting is activated, you will see in the preview that the complete row can also be moved with the handle icon on the left-hand side.

Now the answer is only correct if the sequence has also been ordered correctly. This option is suitable, for example, if you want to check a production process and also want the details of the individual steps to be assigned correctly.

Additional settings

Each card can also be made visible or hidden individually. If the Visible checkbox is activated, the card is also displayed in the selected deck.

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