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How can I send a targeted message to event participants?
How can I send a targeted message to event participants?

Registered event participants can be specifically notified by you using announcements.

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If you want to share information only with the participants of a specific event, you can send messages in the form of announcements to the list of participants in the Admin Dashboard.

Specific use cases include:

  • Making changes to event details such as a different venue.

  • Reminders of recommended content before the event.

  • Personal messages from people running the event.

Create announcements for events

To notify participants of an event date, edit the desired event and open the desired slot. In the lower section you will find the button Create Announcements. Click on the button to create the announcement area.

The button now changes to Edit announcements.

Click on Edit Announcements to create new announcements. A new window opens in which you can see announcements that have already been created and write new messages.

Create your message in the text editor using the formatting available to you. Click Send message to send the announcement and notify users.

Sent messages are displayed at the top of the announcements. Messages from other administrators are also displayed here.

In the app, the messages are then displayed under the respective appointment details and are only visible to registered users.

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