Redesign of the admin-dashboard

A new menu structure and content creation interface makes content creation more efficient.

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What is new?

A new menu structure and a unified two-column layout simplify and speed up content creation. On the left, elements are created, arranged, and selected; on the right, the selected elements are edited.

What are the advantages?

  • Authors find their way around the admin dashboard more easily

  • Onboarding of new authors is faster

  • Content creation becomes more efficient

  • The admin dashboard becomes responsive and thus usable on smartphones

What can you use it for?

  • Content creation and management

  • Quick, small changes / approvals / corrections / etc. can also be done on the go on the smartphone

You have more ideas?

We always welcome your feedback on new and future developments. You can send us your ideas or use cases at any time using the messenger at the bottom right.

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