Constant exchange increases learning efficiency and boosts motivation.

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What is new?

A unified communication system makes it possible to interact with other users in several areas of the app and via integrated platforms. Among other things, comments on posts or personal messages to individuals or groups are possible. Conversations can be controlled by administrators.

What are the advantages?

  • Users are actively involved - this increases the motivation to use the app (regularly).

  • Feedback from users can be collected and taken into account, which in the long term increases the quality of the content in the app and thus also the motivation of the users.

  • The app can be used as an information channel

  • The communication is earmarked and can be forwarded to the most appropriate contacts.

What can you use it for?

  • Messages to individuals or groups

  • Messages to trainers or buddies

  • Allow comments on posts

  • Get feedback on your learning content

Do you have more ideas?

We always welcome your feedback on new and future developments. Use the messenger at the bottom right to send us your ideas or use cases at any time.

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