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How does the text editor in the Admin Dashboard work?
How does the text editor in the Admin Dashboard work?

You can use common text formats in the text editor.

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The functions at a glance

1. Add Block

If you use the editor without formatting and start typing a text, a normally formatted paragraph is inserted. You can add new paragraph blocks with the Add button (plus symbol). You can choose between a paragraph, a quote, a line and a code block.

By default, a paragraph block is used in the editor without formatting. Use the Enter key to add a new paragraph as usual. If you have added a quote block, for example, you remain in the quote block with the Enter key until you add a regular paragraph again.

The individual formattings look as follows:

2. Use paragraph formatting

If you have added regular paragraphs, you can now add paragraph formats. You can choose from the 4 heading formats and also the ordered and unordered enumeration.

3. Text alignment

You can select the text alignment for each paragraph. You can choose between left-aligned, centred, right-aligned and now: justified.

4, 5 & 6. Bold, Italic and Strikethrough

The most commonly used inline formatting is available as large formatting options. Multiple formattings can also be applied, such as bold and italic.

7. Inline formatting

In addition to bold, italic and strikethrough, other inline formatting can be applied. Additionally possible are: Underlined, Superscript, Subscript and Marked.

Note: The Marked format is not yet displayed in the app.

8. Adding a link

In the text editor, individual passages can contain a hyperlink. You can select any URL and decide whether the link should open in a new tab.

Note: The Internet browser always opens in the Native App.

9. Adding glossary entries

The glossary can be used within learning and question cards to explain technical terms. For the selected word, you can choose from all available glossary entries. In addition, a new glossary entry can also be created from the editor.

10. Undo and Repeat

You can undo and redo your entries and formatting with the two arrows. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard combination Strg + Z or Strg + Shift + Z.

11. Shortcut overview

Behind this icon you will find all available keyboard combinations for working with the editor.

Below we have listed all the shortcuts again:





Select all






Move up


Move down


Remove inline format












Normal text


Heading 1


Heading 2


Heading 3


Heading 4


Ordered List


Unordered List








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