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Single sign-on (SSO) solutions and integrations
Single sign-on (SSO) solutions and integrations

External content and platforms can be embedded in ovos play. Likewise, ovos play content can be used on external sites.

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SSO authentication

ovos play offers various authentication methods. Included are internal configuration options and SSO connections.

OpenID Connect

Login and registration using OpenID to authenticate users from other authentication providers.

โ†’ e.g. login via Google, Apple, etc.


Login and registration with existing accounts from an LDAP database.


Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an XML framework for exchanging authentication and authorization information. It provides functions to describe and transmit security-related information.

Microsoft Azure

Login and registration with public Microsoft accounts and if necessary restriction to accounts in an existing Azure database under exclusion of the public.

QR codes

Users can log into the app via QR code scanning. The QR codes can be generated from the ovos play group codes or can be provided by yourself from the user database used.


ovos play bietet unter anderem eine GraphQL API an.

ovos play offers various options for integrating external platforms. When using external applications, we are happy to provide you with technical support.


External content can be conveniently integrated at any time using iFrame. In the menu or in learning content.

Magic Linking

When iFrames are called, ovos play can send a token so that the external platform can verify the account and, if necessary, log in directly to the external platform.


External platforms can always work with our GraphQL API. Through the API you can, depending on the authorization, query user or progress data and perform allowed operations. We provide documentation and technical support for the API.

Use cases of API usage:

  • Assigning groups or content packages via external platforms

  • Sending notifications about achievements in external platforms

  • Evaluating learning progress and displaying it in an external platform

  • Unlocking learning content after completion of modules in external platforms


ovos play content can be integrated into an external LMS using LTI. Users do not have to log in again and can access the content directly.

ovos play supports LTI 1.3 (= LTI Advantage).

Currently, LTI is enabled by:

  • LTI Authentication Flow

  • Resource Launch Request

  • LTI Deeplinking

The following features and content can be included via LTI:

  • Explore-parts of individual decks

  • Individual exams

  • Individual themes

  • The library page with all topics

  • The glossary page

  • The quiz duel

  • ovos play Live

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