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[BETA] Is it possible to create content in multiple languages?
[BETA] Is it possible to create content in multiple languages?

With content packages, you can prepare content for different languages. These are displayed depending on the system language.

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The language setting for content packages is an additional setting that we are happy to configure for your instance.

Content packages are used to group multiple library items together and make them visible to users and groups. With an additional language setting, content packages can be configured so that they are only visible when the same system language is selected in the app.

Use cases:

  • Content in different languages that differs in content (e.g. in pictures).

  • Additional content that is only relevant in certain languages.

  • Links to external content in the selected language.

Aus einer Bibliothek mit mehreren Element aus verschiedenen Sprachen werden unterschiedliche Bibliothek mit nur einer Sprache.

Assigning a content package to a language

New and existing content packages can either be visible in all languages or only if the same system language is selected. By default, content packages are visible in all languages.

Navigate to the menu item Content Packages in the Manage section.

Navigate to "Content Packages" in the "Manage" section.

On the overview page you will see the Language column. All content packages that do not show a language are visible in all languages. Content packages for certain languages are marked with the corresponding language.

The column "Languages" shows if content packages are assigned to a language.

To assign a content package to a language, edit the desired content package or add a new one with the button Add content package.

In the content package editor you can choose the desired language.

Save the desired change for the content package. Once the content package is created, you can now assign the desired decks. You can find more information on this in the article How do I assign a content package to a deck?

The following rules apply to the visibility of content packages with languages:

  • Content in content packages with an assigned language is only displayed if users use the same system language.

  • Users can change the system language at any time. This has a direct influence on the visible content.

  • Unlocked question cards for the duel remain unlocked even if the language is changed.

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