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Which texts and graphic elements do I need for the release?
Which texts and graphic elements do I need for the release?

The store entries need texts and images - but what are the requirements and limitations?

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The following items must all be received by us for the first release of the app. They are part of the app's appearance in the respective stores. You can change all of them later.

The name of the app

  • ... should be unique - by the way, if another app in the iOS AppStore already has the same name, your desired name is no longer available.

  • ... should attract attention, especially if you want to attract a wider audience

  • ... should appeal to the target group

  • ... should be catchy - so that people quickly know what to look for once it is installed.

Maximum number of characters: 30 characters

Description texts, short and long

We need two description texts from you. On the one hand, the short description text that sounds best like an advertising slogan for the app and, on the other hand, a comprehensive description of the app. Try to describe your app as detailed and interesting as possible and don't forget to address your target audience properly:

  • What content can users expect?

  • For what purposes should the app be used?

  • What benefits do users derive from using the app?

The short description text may be a maximum of 70 characters, the long description text a maximum of 3,000 characters.

The app logo

The logo of your app appears in the store entry and also on users' screens after downloading. Here, too, focus on recognition value, appropriate use of the CI colors, and a coherent overall image. Avoid tiny details - the logo itself will ultimately be displayed very small.

Format: PNG


  • Android: 512x512

  • iOS: 1024x1024

The Store-Feature-image

This is one thing that you need exclusively for the Google Play Store. It is an additional graphical element that is displayed especially when searching in the Play Store.

Format: PNG or JPG

Size: 1024x500

Send to:

Send all information either to your project manager or directly to the release manager Dominik Leitner -

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