Context-based duels

Quiz duels can be played by learners in a specific subject.

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What is new?

Learners can decide for themselves on which topic they would like to play quiz duels. Opponents also receive questions from the chosen topic, but those questions that match their own learning progress.

What are the advantages?

By choosing a specific context, quiz duel can be used as an extended mode to further increase the practice progress of the question cards. The quiz duel across all subjects, remains the same.

What can you use it for?

  • Gamification increases learning effectiveness and keeps users active.

  • Enables challenges on a specific topic in a specific time period.

  • Quiz duel on a specific topic becomes possible with integrated content via LTI.

Do you have further ideas?

We always welcome your feedback on new and future developments. You can send us your ideas or use cases at any time using the messenger at the bottom right.

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