Do I need a privacy policy for my app?

And what must be included in it?

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The necessity of a privacy policy

By purchasing and using your ovos play instance, you yourself assume the role of controller within the meaning of the GDPR. ovos becomes a processor, which means that we process the app data on your behalf. You are therefore obliged to integrate a privacy policy into your own ovos play instance.

Here again is a brief overview of the three roles under the GDPR.

Therefore, it is important and necessary for you to include a privacy policy in your app. You can use static pages for this purpose. Here you can find out how to create a static page in ovos play.

So that you do not have to start from scratch, we are happy to provide you with a template: This describes which data is used for which purpose. Clicking on the button will take you to a Google Doc with read access.

Important: It is not enough to include this template in your app. This template is for ovos play apps for which ovos itself is responsible. Go through this template conscientiously and change "ovos" or "ovos play" to your company name or the name of your app in all necessary places.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your ovos representative - we will help you to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Do users have to give their consent?

It is not mandatory to ask users to agree to the privacy policy when registering. You can of course create your privacy policy as a static page of the type "agreement/condition", but it is sufficient if the privacy policy can simply be found in the menu.

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