Collect and structure the content

This is where the actual content work begins.

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Collect all the content you want to display in the app. This can be text and presentations, but also image, video or audio content. Get a good overview of the content you want to learn. Then create a rough structure and organize the content accordingly.

Pro tip:

Popular methods for structuring content include brainstorming or mind mapping.


When brainstorming, you collect all kinds of ideas and associations for your topic. Write the main topic in the middle of a piece of paper and let your thoughts flow - there are no wrong ideas! The aim is to activate your previous knowledge and write it down unfiltered.

Mind mapping

You can now structure your ideas from the brainstorming session in your mind map. You can use it to divide the words you have collected into categories and organize them into main topics and subtopics. This will then help you to structure your content in ovos play.

To do this, write the main topic in the center and circle it. Then draw branches clockwise from the center and name each branch with a category (main topic). From each of these branches, you can now add further branches that match the main topic in terms of content.

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