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Introduction for authors: New layout of the library
Introduction for authors: New layout of the library

In the new layout of the library, you select the individual elements on the left and can edit them on the right.

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When you edit content in the library, you can now use the new layout. To do this, click on "Experience new layout" in the top bar.

In this video, we give a brief introduction to the content structure of ovos play. We explain how to create topics, decks and cards in the new layout and how to structure your content using the library.

How is learning content structured in ovos play?

All learning content is summarised under the term "Explore". By default, the learning structure is divided into three elements:

  • Topics,

  • decks

  • and cards.

Topics are the first level of the hierarchy and are used to divide the learning content according to its content. A topic can contain several decks.

Decks are the second level of the hierarchy. Decks are comparable to individual packs of cards that are used as learning modules. A deck can contain several content and task cards.

Cards are the last level of the hierarchy. Cards contain the actual learning content. Learning content can be presented in different forms. For example, as text, video, audio or with interactive elements.

Creating content structures with the library

To create your content structure, use the library view in the admin dashboard. The library is the main part of content creation. Administrators and authors have access to learning content and can edit it.

Using the Add button on the left-hand side, you can add the individual elements to the library.

A topic must contain decks to be visible. To create a deck, proceed in the same way as for topics and use the Add button in the library.

To add learn and task cards, select the desired deck and click on the Edit cards button. You can then use the Add card button to choose from various card templates and add them.

You can find more information on creating content in the articles

Structuring content using the library

In the library in the admin dashboard, you can move the order of the individual elements using drag and drop. You can also add headlines for a better structure. You can move the headline in your content structure as you wish using drag and drop. Headlines can also be used within a topic to better categorise individual decks.

If you have any questions about creating content, you can reach us at any time via our Messenger or at

Good luck with creating your content.

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