How do I create a content package?

Here you can find out everything about the creation and importance of content packages.

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Groups or individual users can be assigned to specific content packages. This classification can help to bundle certain departments or teams and release certain content to them.

Important: Users who are assigned to specific content packages can only see content that is also assigned to one of these content packages.

Click Manage โž” Content Packages in your administration interface.

Here you can see an overview of the existing content package structure. To create a new content package, click on Add content package.

A new content package must have a unique name and a parent content package in the hierarchy structure. By default, the Everyone group is selected. Users in this group are allowed to see all content.

The checkbox "Assign new library items to this package" makes this group the standard content package when you create new content. You can change the default content package at any time.

Note (app): Users in the app also see content from the parent and child content packages. Unassigned content packages at the same level are not displayed.

Note (Admin Dashboard): Authors in a superordinate content package can also edit content in all subordinate packages. Authors in a subordinate package cannot edit the content of the superordinate content packages.


The parent content package "Sales" consists of the following sub-packages:

  • Sales

    • Communication Skills

    • Product Knowledge

    • Shops

If an employee is working in sales, you can easily assign the "Sales" content package. This way, the user will have access to all the content in Communication Skills, Product Knowledge, and Shops.

If an employee only needs to acquire product knowledge, assign only the "Product Knowledge" content package. In this case, the user will not have access to the content in Communication Skills or Shops.

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