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Frequently Asked Questions - Administrators
Frequently Asked Questions - Administrators

As an administrator, you have access to all the settings available to you

Feature- and menu-overview for admins
Can I restrict trainers in the hierarchy of the group creation?
Can I protect manual group assignments from being overwritten by an external authentication service?
Can I deactivate voucher codes manually?
How do I configure an individual logo for a specific group?
Can I store a unique identifier for users?
Can users assign themselves to a group using a QR code?
What distinguishes single vouchers from multiple vouchers?
How do I create new users?
How do I create multiple users at once?
How do I group multiple users?
What roles are there in ovos play?
How do I assign a role to users?
How do I search or filter for specific users?
How do I create voucher codes for registration?
Is alternative authentication possible for ovos play?
How do I delete users?
Can I hide evaluations of a group in the Trainer Dashboard?