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How can I adjust the amount of the weekly goal?
How can I adjust the amount of the weekly goal?

You can modify the weekly goal on your own.

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ovos play offers you the option of setting a weekly goal (a number of points to be achieved) for all users, provided you have activated the awarding of points in your app. Points can be earned in the areas of learning, practizing and quizzes. If you wish to change the points allocation, please get in touch with your contact person at ovos.

With the Sysadmin role, you have access to the Manage menu item in the Admin Dashboard. If you have not assigned this role, please contact us to make this change. Click on Manage โž” Instance settings.

Find the instance settings in the manage settings.

Under the sub-item Settings for users, you can now set the amount of the weekly goal.

Change the height of the weekly target under the instance settings and confirm with the blue tick.

Confirm your entry using the blue Save button that appears at the bottom right.

Tip: The new weekly target will only be applied for the following week.

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