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How do I start a Live session?
How do I start a Live session?

Trainers can start live sessions with ready-made presentations. During the session, they receive results in real time.

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ovos play Live is an optional module that allows you to hold an interactive event. If you are interested, please contact your ovos contact person.

Live Session Manager mit der laufenden Präsentation und ein Smartphone mit einer Antworteingabe auf die gezeigt Frage.

Starting a Live Session with the Session Manager

Click on the Train tab within the administration interface and select Session Manager.

In the Session Manager you can see sessions that have already been created and those that are still running. Trainers can only see their own sessions, but admins can monitor all running sessions. To open a running session, click Open. You can also finish or cancel an open session. This can only be done by the session initiator.

To create a new session, select Create new session on the top right. Give the session a name and select the desired blueprint.

Vergeben Sie einen Namen und wählen Sie ein Blueprint.

Note: To start a session, you must first create so-called blueprints for a live session. You can find out how to create blueprints in the article How do I create presentations for a live session?

After the creation you will get to the presentation manager. Here you will find the Open Projector Screen button to display the presentation. However, the control of the presentation remains in the Session Manager.

The presentation runs on the projector while you navigate between the maps in the presentation manager. The projector opens in its own window. You can either move this window onto the beamer or share it via Online Meeting Tools. How to share is also explained on the first page of the projector:

Tip: We recommend displaying the projector screen in full screen mode. To do this, click on the Show in full screen mode button that is displayed at the beginning of the projector screen.

Click on Start Presentation to display the presentation on the projector screen. The projector will start by showing the lobby and the session code that needs to be entered to connect to the session.

Now wait until all participants have connected. When everyone is connected, you can start the session in the Presentation Manager to display the first card of the presentation.

Klicken Sie auf "Session starten" um die Präsentation zu starten.

Note: You can also start the session without participants to preview the presentation.

If you close the projector by mistake, you can open it again at any time via the context menu in the top right-hand corner.

Navigating through a Live Session

During the live session, navigate through the individual maps of the presentation using the arrow buttons or the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Nutzen Sie die Pfeiltasten unterhalb der Vorschau, um durch die Karten zu navigieren.

You can see the progress in the presentation in the presentation manager in the left bar of all cards, or under the preview in list form. Content cards are displayed as dots, interactive questions with the respective icons.

In der unteren Tabelle werden Ihnen die Fortschrittsdaten angezeigt.

If you use videos in the presentation, you can play them in the projector window.

Innerhalb des Projektor-Fensters können Sie Video-Dateien starten.

When you reach an interactive card like a task-card or a survey card, the participants can enter their answers on their own. You can see in the table below which participants have already given an answer and whether it was correct or incorrect, if it is a question card. For survey cards, you only see which participants have answered.

In addition, you can see the response and distribution across all participants in the row Total. Move the mouse over the graph for the overall distribution to see the numerical evaluation.

Über dem Gesamt-Feld wird die numerische Auswertung angezeigt.

Once everyone has answered, you can decide whether you want to display the results or not. If yes, click on the button Show results.

Results can also be hidden again after they have been displayed. If you want to skip the results, simply navigate to the next card.

At the end of the presentation, you can end the presentation. The results of the presentation are then saved.

You return to the Session Manager in the Finished Sessions tab. Here you can see the session you have just finished and all previous sessions. Finished sessions can be reopened to view the results.

Nach Beendigung der Session gelangen Sie zurück zur Übersicht.

If you have unintentionally ended a running session, you can also reopen the live session. To do so, open the desired terminated session and click Re-Open Session.

Taking a break

During a presentation, you can pause it and resume it later. To start a pause, click on the pause icon in the top bar.

Klicken Sie auf das Pause-Symbol rechts oben.

You can either set a duration in minutes or define the end of the break by a specific time.

When a break is started, the break timer is displayed in the projector and is also shown on all connected devices. This way, the participants always have an overview of the break. Shortly before the break expires, the terminals are activated and the timer is displayed in red.

Once the break time has expired, you as the trainer decide when to continue if some participants are still missing. To do this, click on Continue in the upper bar. The presentation will continue on the currently selected card.

Klicken Sie auf "Fortsetzen" rechts oben, um die Präsentation nach der Pause fortzusetzen.
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