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How can I link directly to learning content?
How can I link directly to learning content?

With content codes, you can link learning content using a numerical code, a QR code or a data matrix.

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Linking to specific learning content can be particularly helpful if you want to refer to learning content in your app in books, on devices or within buildings, for example. A simple example would be the operating instructions for a printer within the app, which is referred to using a QR code.

The code scanner and the entry of a numeric code can be activated on the app's home screen if required. Please get in touch with your contact person at ovos.

Creating content codes

You can create content codes directly when editing a deck or topic. Navigate to the library and select the desired entry. You will find another tab Codes in the editor. In this tab, you can view all existing content codes with the numerical code and create new codes using the plus icon. The content code is generated automatically and saved with a randomly generated sequence of numbers.

Content code creation for Topics

Content codes that link to topics are displayed with a red background colour.

Content code creation for decks or assessments

Content codes that link to decks are displayed with a blue background colour.

Retrieve QR code or Data Matrix

To view the QR code, click on the desired content code. A new window will open. Here you can choose whether you want to create a QR code or a data matrix. To do this, click on Generate Image.

Right-click to save the image of the QR code or the data matrix.

Create your own code

To create a code with an individual number, navigate to Content Codes in the Admin Dashboard menu. Here you will see an overview of all codes already in use. Use the blue arrow next to the cover or theme name to go directly to the entries in the library.

On the overview page, you can create your own codes using the Add code button. This opens a creation pop-up.

You can assign an individual code in the Code field. You can choose between decks, topics or a link as the content type. Depending on the selected type, you must assign the corresponding library entry or a URL.

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