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Will I be notified when users have fully learnt a topic?
Will I be notified when users have fully learnt a topic?

In ovos play there are certificate notifications for selected e-mail addresses.

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In ovos play, learners can complete individual decks as well as entire topics. To complete learning content, users must regularly answer question cards correctly. Emails are sent for completed topics. When the target value is reached (e.g. 100 %), selected people therefore receive a certificate notification by email.

Note: If you would like to customize the learning threshold for your individual use case, please get in touch with your contact person at ovos.

Managing e-mail addresses for certificates

You can find settings for your instance under Manage โž” Instance settings.

You can find the certificate e-mail addresses in the instance settings.

Under the sub-item System > Certificate e-mail addresses, you can now enter e-mail addresses that will receive an automated e-mail when users have completed a topic in full through repeated practice.

Tip: If you would like to notify several people about completed topics, separate the e-mail addresses with a comma (e.g. ",").

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