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How does the progress bar work for decks?
How does the progress bar work for decks?

The progress bar is divided into Explore and Practice. When practicing, progress is calculated using the learning algorithm.

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At the beginning, decks have empty progress bars. To unlock the practice mode, a deck must first be fully discovered. When the deck is discovered, the progress bar below it fills up.

Zu Beginn ist der Fortschrittsbalken leer.

Progress in "Explore" mode

If you have not yet opened a deck, the progress bar is empty. As soon as you open a deck and navigate through the flashcards, the progress bar also fills up. The progress is determined by the card you are currently on within the deck. If the deck has been read through to the end, the "Discover" part is considered complete and the progress bar is full. Afterwards, the "Practise" part is unlocked.

Ist der Teil "Entdecken" abgeschlossen, wird das "Üben" freigeschaltet.

Progress in "Practice" mode

The progress indicator of the practice cards of a deck is linked to the learning algorithm. The progress to be achieved is calculated from the question cards within the "Practice" part of a deck. Therefore, progress can be achieved by practicing in the library as well as practicing in quiz duel.

Progress can only be made once a day, once a question card is answered. So immediately after answering for the first time, no further progress can be made. If the answer is correct, the progress increases; if the answer is incorrect, the progress decreases. The progress can never be less than zero.

We can determine for you individually how high the progress value is for a correct answer. The lower the value, the more often users have to repeat the questions to fill the progress bar completely.

Durch wiederholtes Üben wird der Fortschrittsbalken gefüllt.

Progress reduction

If question cards are not repeated over a longer period of time, the progress decreases. This value can also be configured individually. However, once the deck is fully completed, the progress reduction has no influence on the completion of the deck.

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