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Where can I see whether an assessment has been passed?
Where can I see whether an assessment has been passed?

In the statistics in the admin dashboard, you can see which users have started and passed which assessments.

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In the Admin Dashboard, you can see global statistics on assessments as well as how individual users have performed in assessments.

Global assessment statistics

The global assessment statistics provide information on how many assessments have been started, completed and passed. To do this, navigate to Analyse โž” System Statistics.

Switch to the Assessments tab. Here you can see the total numbers and also the average per user. You can also see the percentage of assessments passed out of the total of all completed assessments.

Global assessment statistics in the Admin Dashboard.

Assessment statistics for individual users

To see whether individual users have started or passed assessments, go to the menu item Statistics and User Statistics. In this overview, you can search for individual users to see their statistics. Click on the desired person in the list and switch to Assessments in the statistics.

View of the assessment statistics per user.

In this view, you can see the list of all assessments in your instance. For the selected user, you can see whether an assessment has been passed (green tick) or not passed (red minus). You can also see the percentage of each assessment that was completed.

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