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How do I add my own score lists to the highscore?
How do I add my own score lists to the highscore?

In addition to the global and weekly highscores, you can also create your own score lists with individual start and end dates.

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Customised score lists are ideal for monthly or longer-term points challenges for users, for example. Customised score lists can be created with any start and end date and thus generate a high score list with all points scored within this period. Customised score lists are displayed first in the app depending on the start date.

Ansicht von eigenen Scorelisten in der App.

To create your own score list, navigate to Manage โž” Score lists.

In the overview, you can see all the scorelists you have created so far, including the automatically generated weekly scorelists. You can create new score lists using the Add score list button at the top right.

Score lists need at least a name to be saved. You can select a start and end date for individual score lists in which the highscores are then calculated.

Note: If you leave the start date blank, the score list will be available from the time it is created. If you leave the end date blank, the score list will remain available until it is changed.

A score list is visible in the app if the "Enabled"-box is checked. If the checkmark is not activated, the score list is not displayed.

Expired score lists are no longer displayed in the app. Individually created score lists can be edited or deleted at any time afterwards.

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