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What distinguishes a learning journey from a topic?
What distinguishes a learning journey from a topic?

A learning path or journey can be divided into several phases to better guide users through the learning content.

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If a phase is added to a topic, it is visible to users as a journey. The individual phases can then contain decks or tests. Phases can be unlocked by progressing through the previous phase.

Journeys sind im Gegensatz zu Themen in mehrere Phases gegliedert.

Concrete use cases for journeys are:

  • Temporal phases, e.g. in onboarding. "Your first week of work, your second week of work, ..."

  • Presentation of knowledge levels. "Level 1: Basics, Level 2: For advanced users, Level 3: Expert knowledge, ..."

  • Illustration of longer courses. "Preparation, information on seminars, summaries, ..."

You can find out how to create a journey in the article How do I create a learning journey?

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