How do I create a journey?

Phases turn a topic into a learning path/journey. They serve to structure the content into sections that build on each other.

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If a topic has several phases, it is displayed as a journey. You can create and manage phases in the Admin Dashboard in the library.

Mit Phasen können Sie Journeys erstellen.

Phases can be added to the library as a separate element. To do this, click on the Add button and select Phase and a creation window will open.

A phase must be added to a topic in the library. A phase can only be assigned to one theme. Assign a name to the new phase to add it.

You can also edit the phase in the library. To do this, click on the name of the phase element. You can also add an image and a descriptive subtitle in the editor.

You can now add decks to the phase. To do this, switch back to the library and add a deck. In the creation window, select the desired phase in the Topic or Phase field.

Now select an existing deck or the Create new deck entry to add your deck to the phase.

Add conditions to phases

Phases can have unlock conditions just like decks. Unlike decks, phases can also have the previous phase as a prerequisite. To add the previous phase as a prerequisite, edit the desired phase.

You can add activation conditions under the item Unlock requirements. If you click on the dropdown for Content, the previous phase (if there is one) will be suggested at the top.

You must also define a type for a phase as a condition. Here you can choose from the types "Explored" and "Progress".

Explored: With this type, all decks in this phase must be fully explored in order to unlock the next phase. The progress of question cards is not important.

Progress: With this type, the average value of the progress of all decks and their practice parts within the phase must be above the threshold value you specify. With a threshold value of 100%, all question cards in the practice section of the decks must be answered correctly 5 times in a row at regular intervals in the standard setting.

Note: A phase can only have one other phase as a prerequisite. In addition to a phase, any number of decks can be selected as a prerequisite at any time. For example, you can ensure that all decks in a phase have been discovered, but only one specific deck needs to be practiced in order to progress to the next phase. Conversely, you can also use progress as a prerequisite and ensure that a specific deck has also been discovered.

Mixed conditions from phases and decks are displayed in the app in this way:

Gemischte Voraussetzungen für Phasen sind jederzeit möglich.

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