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How can I pin learning content to the My Studies page?
How can I pin learning content to the My Studies page?

"My Studies" is an optional section of the library that displays selected topics or journeys for users.

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To complement the library, "My Studies" can be activated as an optional module for your instance. If you are interested, please contact your ovos contact person.

Benutzer*innen können in ihrem eigenen "Lernbereich" ausgewählte Inhalte anheften.

All users who use the app can pin visible journeys or topics in their "Studies". This way, frequently used content can be accessed more quickly or an interest-based selection of the existing library can be created.

In addition, authors have the option to pin individual journeys or topics to the user's "My Studies" via the Admin Dashboard. Users cannot then detach this content from the "My Studies" area by themselves. This learning content can be communicated as recommended or mandatory, for example.

Pinning a journey or a topic

To pin a journey or a topic in the "My Studies" of all users, edit the desired element from the library. Navigate to the library in the Admin Dashboard and click on the name of the item or on the context menu and select Edit topic/journey.

In the editor of the topic or journey, you will find the option Pin to "My Studies" in the lower section. At this point you will also find the note: "Pin in My Studies section (Learners can't unpin this topic if this setting is active)".

Hint: The option Pin to My Studies is only visible if the My Studies module is activated for your instance.

If you have pinned journeys or topics as an author, the learning content will appear in the "My Studies" area for all users who are allowed to see this content (content packages). This content can no longer be detached from the "My Studies" by users themselves.

Benutzer*innen sehen eine entsprechende Meldung, wenn sie von Autor*innen angeheftete Lerninhalte lösen möchten.
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