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Can I insert PDF documents into ovos play?
Can I insert PDF documents into ovos play?

PDF documents can be used in ovos play as cards in decks.

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With the new document template, PDF documents can be displayed in learning decks. The documents are displayed as a card and can be opened in full screen in the app.

Dokumente können in ovos play in Lernkarten angezeigt werden.

When you create a deck, you can add as many documents as you like through created learning cards. How to add a document to a deck can be found in the article How do I create a document card?

Create document decks

If you create a new deck that contains only one document card, the appearance of the deck in the library changes. It is now displayed as a document deck.

Dokumente werden in der Bibliothek als Dokument hervorgehoben.

When users open the deck, the document is opened directly after closing the document, the document is considered discovered and is ticked off in the library and statistics.

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