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How do I change the time zone used to schedule posts or notifications?
How do I change the time zone used to schedule posts or notifications?

In the Admin Dashboard, you can change the time zone, for example, to schedule posts correctly for summer and winter time.

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In the Admin Dashboard, you will find a drop-down field for the time zone used at the top right, next to the language setting and the logout.

The time zone is automatically adjusted and updated based on your browser setting. However, you can adjust the automatic selection yourself at any time. This can be helpful if you want to schedule posts or notifications after the time change to summer or winter time.

Example: You create a post at the beginning of March to be published on 1st April at 10:00. At the beginning of March, you create the article in winter time, i.e. in the time zone CET (Central European Time - UTC+1). At the end of March, you switch to CEST (Central European Summer Time - UTC+2). Due to the changeover, the planned contribution on 1 April will be at 11:00 instead of 10:00.

Conversely, this could also happen when switching to winter time in autumn.

To avoid this postponement of the publication, you can already switch to the CEST time zone with the dropdown field in the top right of the Admin Dashboard when creating the post at the beginning of March. Now you can schedule the post for 1st April in daylight saving time and select 10:00 now. If you switch back to winter time, you will see that the input field changes to 09:00.

Beim Wechsel der Zeitzone werden die Datums-Felder automatisch angepasst..
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