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How do I manage cards within decks?
How do I manage cards within decks?

In the two-column layout, you can create and structure maps on the left-hand side while editing them on the right.

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The card editor within a deck and in the overview appears in a two-column layout. On the left-hand side, you can add, sort and manage new cards. You can edit the card content on the right-hand side.

View of the new two-column layout.

Opening the card editor

If you are editing a deck or an assessment, you will find the Edit cards button in the top right-hand corner. This will take you to the card editor. In the card editor, you can see the cards in the explore and practice sections of the deck.

Klicken Sie auf "Karten bearbeiten", um den Karten-Editor zu öffnen.

If you are editing a new deck, the card view is empty and you can create new cards. If you are editing an existing deck, you will see an overview of all cards. To return to the deck editor, use the back button at the top left.

The back button at the top left takes you back to the deck editor.

Tip: You can change the size of the right and left columns as required by moving the mouse pointer over the dividing line. Drag the dividing line in the desired direction to vary the column size. This can be helpful if you need more space on the right-hand side for more complex templates or want to view longer card titles on the left-hand side.

Adding new cards

To add new cards, you can use the Add card button and select the desired template. The editor for the new card opens automatically in the right-hand column. If you save the card, it will be added directly to the end of the card list.

Neue Karten werden rechts im Editor direkt angezeigt.

To edit a map, click on the desired map in the left-hand column. The editor opens on the right-hand side.

Show card preview

When you edit cards, you can display a preview. To do this, click on the Preview button at the top right. A preview of the card will open on the left-hand side. The card preview is interactive and behaves in the same way as in the app. The preview remains open until it is closed or you click on the preview button again.

Manage cards in the deck

In the left-hand column you have the option of sorting, duplicating and deleting cards.


In the left-hand column, you can determine the order of the cards using drag and drop. To do this, click on the card on the left-hand side and drag the card to the desired position. Your changes will be saved automatically.

Duplicate and delete

To duplicate or delete cards, select one or more cards using the checkbox. When you make a selection, the buttons for deleting and duplicating in the top bar become active. When duplicating, the cards are added within the edited deck.

In the top bar on the left, you will also find an overarching checkbox with which you can select all added cards. You can also reverse or reset the selection.

Assigning competences and decks

In the right-hand column, you can access further settings for the card. Other settings include assignments to competences or assignments to other existing decks. To do this, select the desired card and switch to the desired tab in the editor.

In the Competences tab, you can assign question cards to the competences you have created. You can also create new competences in the Competences tab. In the Links tab, you can assign the card to several decks or assessments.

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