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How can I address users by their names?
How can I address users by their names?

Placeholder variables allow you to address users by their nicknames and can be used in all textual content.

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Placeholder variables allow you to use users' nicknames in your content. This allows you to personalize the experience of using the app.

To use the nickname, insert the following text snippet into any text field:


In the content, the specification then looks as follows:

Die Variable {{username|Gast}} wird im Inhalt eingefügt.

If you also use your content publicly and users can access your content without logging in, you can also specify an alternative. To do this, use a vertical hyphen and add the alternative text, e.g. "Guest". The text snippet then looks like this:


Addressing users with their full name

If a login with a full name is used for the instance (e.g. SSO or via registration), users can also be addressed with their first and last name.

You can add this placeholder for this purpose:

{{first_name}} {{last_name}}

Only the first name can be used as well. As with the nickname, an alternative text can also be set here if the first name is missing.


You can use placeholder variables in the following elements:

  • Library element title

  • Learn and task cards

  • Deck summary

  • Glossary entries

  • News articles

  • Static Pages

  • (Push) Notifications

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