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Can I hide evaluations of a group in the Trainer Dashboard?
Can I hide evaluations of a group in the Trainer Dashboard?

Individual groups can be hidden in the trainer dashboard to avoid mutual evaluations by trainers, for example.

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It is possible that you set up a separate group for the targeted management of several administrators, authors or trainers. In these cases, the evaluations of the learning progress of these accounts would be displayed in the trainer dashboard, allowing trainers to analyse each other.

If you do not want this, you can hide individual groups in the Trainer Dashboard.

Hide groups in the trainer dashboard

To hide a group, you need at least admin authorisation. Navigate to Groups in the Manage section.

Select the desired group that you want to hide on the left-hand side. In the editor, you will find the Show advanced settings area. Click on the button to display further settings.

In the advanced settings, you will now find the option Show in Trainer Dashboard. This checkbox is activated by default and all groups are displayed in the trainer dashboard.

To hide a group, deactivate the checkbox and save your changes and the group will no longer be displayed in the Trainer Dashboard.

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