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How do I create news articles in ovos play?
How do I create news articles in ovos play?

You can use news articles to publish information, blogs or similar within your app.

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News can be configured as an additional module for your app. To activate it, please inform your contact person at ovos.

News-Beiträge können informative Inhalte sein.

Users with the Author and Admin role can create news posts in the Admin Dashboard. To do this, navigate to the menu item Communicate ➔ News.

You can find News in the Communicate section.

On the News page, you will see an overview of all posts created to date on the left-hand side. You can create new posts using the Create new news article button. The editor for the new post opens on the right-hand side of the page.

Click on "Create new news article" on the top left.

Assign a title to save the new news item. Each new post is created as a draft by default. You can freely select the status for each post: Draft, Review, Published.


The news post has not yet been published and is only visible in the Admin Dashboard.


The news article has not yet been published and is only visible in the Admin Dashboard. The article is marked as "Review" and can be proofread by another author before publication, for example.


The news article is now also visible in the app.

What content can I add to a news item?

You can also add all content to a news item that you can also use in maps. You can choose from the following content types:

  • Formatted text via the text editor

  • A cover image

  • A video

    • as an uploaded file

    • or integrated via external platforms (Youtube and Vimeo)

  • An audio file

  • Learning content in ovos play

For the cover image, we recommend the image format 3:2 and a resolution of at least 900 x 600 pixels for mobile devices. You can use the image scaling to customise the image. (You can find out more here)

Tip: Use the "Fill" image scaling to display the image as a banner image. We recommend the image format 21:9 so that the image is also optimally displayed for the web app.

How can I link learning content in posts?

Under Recommendations, you can also link to learning content in the library within an article. The recommendations are displayed below the article.

Am Ende von Beiträgen können Lerninhalte verlinkt werden.

You will find the Recommendations item at the bottom of the article editor. Add as many recommendations as you like using the Add field button. As a recommendation, you can add decks that are visible to you due to content package assignments.

You can add as many recommendations as you like.

Recommendations are only visible to users in the app if they have also assigned the appropriate content package and the deck can be found in the library. (You can find out more here)

How do I publish a news article?

To publish a news item, save the item with the status Published.

To schedule the publication of a post, use the Start date field. Click in the field to open the date selection. You can specify both the date and the exact time of publication.

Click on the date field to open the date picker.

If you leave the Start date field empty when publishing, it will also be published at the time of saving.

Attention: Please note the time zone used when entering the time. The time zone setting is automatically adopted by your browser. You can see the time zone used at the top of the header bar on the right-hand side.

If your news item is only relevant for a certain period of time, use the End date field. After the end date, the post is no longer visible in the app. In the Admin Dashboard, this post is then marked as "Expired". You can republish an expired post at any time by adjusting the end date. If you leave the end date blank, the post will remain visible forever and will not expire.

Assign specific groups to the post to share the post with specific groups of users. You can select one or more groups. You can only select groups that are assigned to your account or are subordinate groups. (You can find out more about groups here)

With the user group field you can select multiple groups.

How do I notify users about a new news item?

If you have published or planned a news article, you can use the Create notification button to automatically add a notification that links to your article.

With the button "Create Notification" at the bottom of the editor you can create new notifications.

The notification also saves the start and end date of the post. As soon as the post is available, the notification is also displayed on the user's start page. The notification is only displayed if the post can also be seen by the users or if the assigned user groups match.

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