How do I create a "Flip" card in ovos play?

Flipkarten haben zwei Seiten und können in der App per Klick umgedreht werden, um die Inhalte auf der Rückseite zu sehen.

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The Flip template can display content on two sides. Users can rotate the Flip card back and forth in the app. There can be text, an image and/or audio on one side of the Flip card.

Flip-Karten können in der App per Klick gedreht werden.

Specific use cases for Flip cards

  • Continuations or resolutions on the back (e.g. "Turn the card for the resolution...")

  • Infographic on the front, explanations on the back

  • Vocabulary training (e.g. German on the front, English on the back)

Create a Flip chart

To create a flip card, add a card with the Flip template to a deck.

After creating the flip map, you will be taken to the map editor. Give the map a name to save it later. Below you will see input fields for both sides of the map. Content on the front side is numbered 1 (e.g. "Content 1"), content on the back side is numbered 2 (e.g. "Content 2").

Ansicht des Karteneditors beim Flip-Template.

For both map pages, you can add a formatted text under Content, upload an image under Image and upload a sound file under Audio. To save the card, at least one text or image is required.

Recommendations for images can be found in the articles:

Tip: You can swap the content of the two pages using the Switch sides option.

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