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How do I create a "Text + Video" card in ovos play?
How do I create a "Text + Video" card in ovos play?

With the "Text + Video" card template, you can create simple text cards with video.

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You can create the "Text + Video" template for a content card with text and video. All text formats such as headings, quote block, lists and separators are available here. The video can be an uploaded MP4 file or embedded via Youtube/Vimeo.

Die "Text + Video"-Karte zeigt den hinzugefügten Text und das Video.

Create a "text + video" card

To create a card from the "Text + Video" template, click on the Add card button within a deck.

First assign a name for the card. The "Text + Video" card must also have text content and an uploaded or embedded video.

Eine "Text + Video"-Karte beinhaltet einen Text und ein Video.

All formatting options are available in the text content. All information on using the text editor can be found in the article How do I create a text card in ovos play?

Add a video

To embed a video, you can either upload an MP4 file or embed a video via an external video service.

Als Video-Typ stehen Ihnen ein hochgeladenes Video und die Einbettung von Youtube oder Vimeo zur Verfügung.

Upload video

Select Upload video to upload your video as an MP4 file via drag and drop or by clicking on the video field.

Wenn Sie ein Video hochladen erscheint auch ein Upload-Feld für ein Vorschaubild.

Note: Other video files are allowed, but may not play on all devices used.

An uploaded image shows the first frame of the video as a preview image by default. You can also add your own thumbnail as an image. To do this, upload an image in the Preview image field.

Insert Youtube Video ID

To add a YouTube video, search for the desired video on YouTube and click on Share. A new window will open. Copy the link from YouTube and paste it under Youtube Video ID in the administration tool. The ID is automatically taken from the link. The video should now appear in the map preview.

Insert Vimeo ID

The same steps apply for Vimeo as for YouTube above. You will find the share button at the top right of Vimeo.


You can check your videos at any time in the preview on the right-hand side. After inserting the Youtube or Vimeo ID, the preview is automatically updated, which may take a few seconds. If no video appears, please check the ID or reload.

Im Karten-Editor sehen Sie rechts eine Vorschau der Karte mit hinzugefügtem Video.

You can find more information and recommendations on videos in the article How do I integrate videos into ovos play?

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