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How can I add recommendations to decks?
How can I add recommendations to decks?

You can use recommendations to link to further content in the summary.

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If you add recommendations to decks, these will appear in the summary. Recommendations can be used to display additional content following a deck.

Add recommendations to a deck

To add a recommendation, go to the library and edit the desired deck. In the "Deck" tab under the "Key learnings" item, you will find the "Recommendations" heading.

Note: To save recommendations, the edited deck must be added to the library. (How do I add a deck to a topic?)

Click on Add field and then select the deck or exam you want to add as a recommendation.

Note: Recommendations can only be selected if they have also been added to the library.

You can add any number of recommendations to a deck. Recommendations are only displayed to users if they are allowed to see them through the assigned content packages.

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