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Can the file size of an image be optimized?
Can the file size of an image be optimized?

In the Admin Dashboard you can also optimise uploaded images afterwards.

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In all file upload fields in the Admin Dashboard, the file size is displayed. For images in formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, etc., a button for compressing the file size is also provided in the upload field.

Hochgeladene Bilder können mit dem Button rechts unten komprimiert werden.

Click on the button at the bottom right in the upload field, and your image will be compressed and optimized without significantly affecting the quality. Compression can only be performed once. After successful optimization, you will see a corresponding reduction in the file size, and the button's icon will change to a checkmark.

Nach erfolgreicher Optimierung sehen Sie wie sich die Dateigröße verringert.

We recommend performing compression for every uploaded image to optimize loading times on mobile devices.

For further recommendations regarding images, you can refer to the article "Is there a recommendation for uploading images to ovos play?"

Note: Animated GIFs and videos cannot be compressed within the Admin Dashboard.

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