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How do I create presentations for a live session?
How do I create presentations for a live session?

As an author, you can create ready-made interactive presentations for your trainers.

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To start a live session, trainers need to select a presentation. A presentation is a fixed sequence of presentation phases that cannot be edited by trainers.

Create presentations

A presentation can include one or more presentation phases consisting of content and interactive cards

Navigate to the Presentations menu item in the TEACH section. On this page you will find an overview of all presentations already created.

Click Add item and select Presentation.

Assign a title for the presentation to create it.

The presentation editor opens on the right-hand side. Here you can select a content package for the presentation. Only trainers with an assigned content package can use the presentation for a live session.

In addition, you can describe a presentation in more detail and select a status (Draft, Review, Published). Trainers can only use published presentations for a live session.

Add presentation phases

A presentation must consist of at least one presentation phase. To add a presentation phase, click Add item and select Phase.

Give the phase a title and select the presentation to which you want to add the phase.

The phase editor opens on the right-hand side. Currently, only Presentation is available as a phase type. Further phases are being developed continuously.

Presentation phases display a title card in a live session. This card shows the title, the uploaded background image, and the duration of the presentation phase.

Note: The duration is only a guideline for trainers for the duration of a single phase and does not automatically end the phase after the time has expired.

With the help of several presentation phases, you can structure topics within a presentation and thus also create a timed agenda.

[BETA] Import presentations from PowerPoint

This feature is currently still in a BETA phase. If you are interested, please contact us and we will activate the feature for you.

Once you have created your presentation phase, you can now add content in the form of flashcards. You also have the option of uploading existing presentations as PowerPoint or PDF files.

In the phase editor on the right hand side you will find an upload field for presentation files. Click on the upload field to open the file browser or drag your presentation into it.

After the file upload, the import is carried out. Depending on the size of the presentation, this may take some time. You can follow the status of the import in the table below the upload field.

When importing, the individual slides of the PowerPoint presentation are created as ovos play picture cards. Once the import is complete, you can add more content cards or interactive task or survey cards.

Nach dem Import werden einzelne Bild-Karten erstellt.

Note: If you have already added ovos play maps in a presentation phase, you can also import a PowerPoint presentation afterwards. In this case, the slides are attached to the existing maps

Adding cards to a presentation

When creating presentation cards, proceed in the same way as for decks. At the top right of the presentation editor you will find the button "Edit cards".

The map editor opens in a two-column layout. On the left you can see all the maps that have already been added to the presentation. You can add new maps with the Add button.

The following card templates are available in presentations:

  • Text

  • Text + Image

  • Text + Video

  • image

  • Video

  • Quote

  • Task: Choice Text

  • Survey: Choice Text

You can also add existing cards to a presentation by editing the desired card and selecting the desired presentation phase in the "Decks" tab. Likewise, presentation cards can appear in regular decks.

With the preview button in each map, you can see how the map is displayed. As the maps can also be used in regular decks, the display in the app is shown here in portrait format.

For a preview of the full presentation on a beamer or presentation monitor, you can start a live session without participants. You can find more information on this in the article: How do I start a Live Session?

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