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Can I uniquely reference decks or exams with the same name?
Can I uniquely reference decks or exams with the same name?

All library items can be given a unique name addition that is only visible in the Admin Dashboard.

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If you have decks with the same name, they appear the same in the selection lists and are difficult to identify. The Unique Name Addition field allows you to uniquely name a deck or exam. The name suffix is only visible in the Admin Dashboard and the title of the item remains the same in the app.

In the following specific cases, the use of the name addition can be helpful:

  • Pre- and onboarding structures with different content depending on the department.

  • Same title for decks, assessments and events.

  • Same title for decks, but content in different languages.

Assign a unique name addition

To assign a unique name addition, edit the desired deck or assessment. In the tab "Deck" or "Assessment" you will find the field Unique Name Addition.

In the example above, another deck with the same name was used, but it is only relevant for staff members.

The name addition is displayed in selection fields.

While the name addition is also displayed within the library in the Admin Dashboard, the addition is not visible in the app.

On the left, the library is displayed in the Admin Dashboard with the name addition, on the right a smartphone with the items without the addition.

By assigning content packages, you can specifically control the visibility of the individual decks. More information on this can be found in the article How do I assign decks to a content package?

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