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Can I activate content for users when they join the company?
Can I activate content for users when they join the company?

Optionally, you can enter a start date for each user and link an activation condition to it.

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During pre- and onboarding, it may be the case that the content for the actual onboarding should only be activated after joining the company. The optional start date can be used for this. The start date is individual for each user. To activate the start date, please get in touch with your contact person at ovos.

Assign a start date

If the start date is activated for your instance, users have an additional Start date field. You can use the date selection field to define any date as the start date.

Wählen Sie im Editor das gewünschte Startdatum aus.

The start date can also be specified when importing multiple users. To do this, use a separate column in your Excel or CSV file and enter the start date there. You can find more information on this in the article: How do I create multiple users at once?

Set an activation condition with a start date

If you have users with a defined start date, you can define the associated activation conditions for content.

Three modes are available to you here:

  • Unlock on start date

  • Duration before the start date

  • Duration after the start date

For the options before and after the start date, you can specify any duration in days, weeks, months or years.

To configure an activation condition, edit the desired library element. In the lower part of the editor, you will find the Unlock Requirements section. Click on Add field to add an activation condition.

Unlock Requirements can be found at the bottom of the deck editor.

For an activation with start date, select the condition Time. Then select the Start date type and select the desired mode.

Select the "Time" condition and the "Start date" type.

There are three options for the mode: "On start date", "Duration before start date" and "Duration after start date".

Select the "On start date" mode and the library element will be activated for users with the start date at 00:00.

If you select a mode with a time duration, you must define the duration in days, weeks, months or years.

Depending on the selected duration, the library element is activated for users based on the individual start date.

Tip: You can also combine time-based activations with content-based activations. However, only one time-based requirement can be added at a time.

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