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Can I import PowerPoint presentations into ovos play Live?
Can I import PowerPoint presentations into ovos play Live?

For live presentations, you can import existing PowerPoint slides or PDF documents and enhance them with interactive questions.

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This feature is only available with the ovos play Live module. If you are interested, please contact us.

When you create interactive presentations, you can also upload existing presentations as PowerPoint or PDF files.

You can find out how to create presentations in the article: Wie erstelle ich Präsentationen für eine Live-Session?

Import presentations from PowerPoint

In the phase editor on the right hand side you will find an upload field for presentation files. Click on the upload field to open the file browser or drag your presentation into it.

After the file upload, the import is carried out. Depending on the size of the presentation, this may take some time. You can follow the status of the import in the table below the upload field.

When importing, the individual slides of the PowerPoint presentation are created as ovos play picture cards. Once the import is complete, you can add more content cards or interactive task or survey cards.

Nach dem Import werden einzelne Bild-Karten erstellt.

Note: If you have already added ovos play maps in a presentation phase, you can also import a PowerPoint presentation afterwards. In this case, the slides are attached to the existing maps.

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