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How do I export and import ovos play content?
How do I export and import ovos play content?

ovos play allows you to export your content, e.g. for backups. Export files are an ovos play specific format.

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Sysadmins have the option of exporting content from ovos play. The export creates an ovos play-specific ZIP file with the content in a JSON format and the media files in a separate folder.

With the necessary authorisation, you can export and import content from ovos play. To do this, go to the Instance settings menu item.

Navigate to "Manage" and "Instance settings" to import content.

In the Import/Export data tab, you will find the export options and the file upload for an ovos play content package. Below this you will find a list of all exports and imports that have already been carried out with the respective status.

Exporting content

To perform an export, select one of the two options Export all content or Select content for export, where you can export individual library elements or live presentations.

If you export all content, all library elements and presentations are summarised in one export. Click on the button to automatically create the content package.

With selective export, you can choose which content you want to export in a separate window. All topics in the library are displayed in the list of all content. By clicking on the topic, you can view the content within it and display phases or decks.

Use the checkbox to select individual library elements.

Click on the respective checkbox to select content for export. If you select individual decks in topics, the topic is automatically selected and included in the export. If you select the checkbox of the topic, all content in it is selected.

If you want to export live presentations, you can use the tab navigation to switch to the Presentations tab. Here you will see all presentations with the associated phases, which you can also export individually or as a whole.

Switch to the Presentations tab to export presentations and phases.

The Start export button exports all selected content and the export appears in the list.

View of the export options with a list of all exports carried out.

In the list, you can see who carried out the export and when, whether the export was completed successfully and you can download it from here or delete it from the system at any time.

Importing content

The import options can be found under the export options.

View of the import options and the list of all imports already performed.

Drag and drop your ovos play content package into the file upload field or click on it to select the file.

Once the upload of the content package is complete, a new window opens with the settings options for the import.

You must select a content package before importing.

The content you import is assigned to the content package you have selected. You can find out how to create and structure content packages in the article: How do I create a content package?

Click on Start import and the content will be imported. You can see the current status of the import in the list below.

Anzeige eines Imports der gerade verarbeitet wird.

As soon as the import is complete, the status is displayed with a green tick and the content can be found in the library. Imported content is newly created and added to the existing content.

If you have previously exported and imported content, the same content (topics, decks, cards, etc.) will be overwritten.

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