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How do I create topics in ovos play?
How do I create topics in ovos play?

Topics are a collection of learning content and appear at the top level in the library.

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Topics are the first level of hierarchy in the library and are there to divide learning content according to its content affiliation. A topic can contain several decks.

To create a new topic, navigate to the Library in the Create section.

Click Add and select Topic.

A creation window opens in which you can assign a title to the new topic.

The topic now appears at the bottom of the library. You can move the topic in the library using drag and drop.

The topic can now be edited. Click on the name of the topic to call up the editor.

Each topic can optionally include an image and a content description. If you do not use your own image, a standard image will be used.

Darstellung eines Themas auf dem Desktop und in der App.

Recommendations for the topic image

  • 800 x 600px (ratio 4:3 landscape)

  • smaller than 100 kb

  • .jpg format (if they do not have transparency)

However, use a specific default size for consistency.

Show a topic in the menu

If you want the topic to be displayed in the main menu, activate the option "Link to main menu".

If the option "Link to main menu" is activated, the settings of the menu item also open. Assign the name and decide whether it should be a large or small menu item. If the menu item is large, you can also select an icon.

A large menu item will look like this in the app:

Tip: Only large menu items can also be in the main navigation. More on this in the article How do I change the menu sorting within the app?

Hide a topic

If "Visible" is ticked, your topic will immediately be displayed in the library. Use this field to hide a topic in the library or simply not to display it yet.

A topic that is not visible is greyed out in the library. From here you can make the topic visible again at any time.

Email notifications when learning is completed

If you want to know when users have completed a topic (when the topic has been practized 100%), you must activate the option Automated e-mail when completed. E-mail addresses that should receive these certificate notifications can be stored within the configuration settings under the menu item "Instance settings".

Pinning in "My Studies" area

If the module "My Studies" area is activated for your instance, you can pin a topic in the studies area of all users. This topic can then no longer be removed from the area by users themselves.

Activate the checkbox "Pin in my studies area" to pin the topic in this area.

You can find out more about your own studies area in the article How can I pin learning content to the My Studies page?

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