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How do I search or filter for specific users?
How do I search or filter for specific users?

In the user overview, you can search for users or filter them according to certain criteria.

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In the Admin Dashboard, you can only see those users that you are allowed to see based on the group assignment.

You can find an overview of all users under Manage โž” Users.

Navigate to "Manage" and "Users" to get to the overview of all users.

Within the user administration, you can use the search bar to search specifically for people or email addresses.

In the users overview, you can search for users.

Note: If the display of personal data (e-mails) is deactivated in your instance, you cannot search for an e-mail address.

ovos play also offers you the option of filtering by persons assigned to a role or user groups. To do this, click on the filter symbol on the top right-hand side next to the search bar and select the desired values.

With the filter options, you can filter for any user group or role.

In addition, you can change the sort order of the users by clicking Sort by and selecting the desired sort detail.

The sorting options for username, e-mail, join date, last active, starts at and expires at can be chosen.
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