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How do I filter for a specific deck?
How do I filter for a specific deck?

You can filter for one or more decks in the deck overview.

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All created decks can be found either in the library or in the deck overview. As decks can also be created without a link to the library, you will only find them in the deck overview. You can also filter all decks in the overview.

To filter decks specifically, call up the deck overview by navigating to the Decks menu item in the Create area.

You can find the decks overview in the menu section "Create".

In the deck overview, you can see all the decks you have access to. You will find the filter function next to the search bar. Click on the filter symbol to open the filter selection. An active filter is displayed in blue.

Click on the filter icon to display all filter options.

Filter decks by topic or journey

Use the Topic selection field to search for a deck in a topic or journey. Click in the selection field to open a list of all topics and journeys including phases.

The topic selection field opens a list of all topics and journeys.

You can use the list to select several topics and journeys to be used for the filter. Journeys can also be expanded to select individual phases. If you tick the field for the journey, all phases are also set for the filter.

Select several list entries to activate the topic filter.

If you have filtered decks by topic, you will see a list of all decks that have been assigned to these topics in the library. For each deck, you will see the assigned topic within the deck element.

Filter decks by type

Decks can be of type Initial or Normal. Use the Type selection field to filter decks by type.

You can filter by normal or initial decks in the type filter.

The type filter is particularly suitable if you are looking specifically for an initial deck.

Filter decks by content package

Use the Content package field if you are looking for decks from one or more content packages. Click on the selection field to see a list of all created content packages.

The list of all content packages opens in the Content package selection field.

Select the content packages you want to filter by. Depending on the selection, all decks from the selected content packages are displayed. When selecting parent content packages, child content packages are not included.

Tip: Use the filter for content packages to see which decks are visible if the selected content package is assigned to users.

Filtering decks with survey cards

In the predefined filters, you will find special filters that cannot be found in the configurable settings for decks. Use the predefined filter With poll cards to display all decks that contain survey cards. You can view or download the survey answers for these decks.

In the "predefined filters" field you will find "With survey cards".

Filter unlinked decks

In the Predefined filters, you will find special filters that cannot be found in the configurable settings for decks. Use the preconfigured filter Not linked to display all decks that are not linked in the library. These decks are only visible in the deck overview and can therefore be filtered specifically. You can find out how to add an unlinked deck to the library in the article How do I add a deck to a topic?

In the "Predefined filters" field, you will find the "Unlinked" filter.
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