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How do I create voucher codes for registration?
How do I create voucher codes for registration?

Voucher codes allow you to give learners access to groups and content packages.

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Voucher codes are unlock codes that users can use to be assigned to certain groups or to gain access to content packages. Voucher codes are particularly useful for:

  • Pilot testing

  • Time-limited app use for users

  • A specific assignment of users to specific groups

  • An activation for certain content packages

Note: Voucher codes are not accepted for native apps in the public Android Play Store or the Apple App Store. They can only be used in the web version. As an alternative, you can work with in-app purchases in your app.

Creating Voucher Codes

To create and manage voucher codes, click Manage โž” Voucher Codes in the Admin Dashboard.

Navigate to Voucher Codes in the Manage section.

On the left you see the editor for creating new voucher codes, on the right you see all the voucher batches that have already been created. Within a batch there is at least one voucher code.

Each batch has a name and requires a number of voucher codes to be generated. For each voucher you can also determine whether it is a one-time or multiple voucher. (More information in the article: What distinguishes single vouchers from multiple vouchers?)

Tip: If you do not enter a batch name, the name is generated automatically and is labelled with a consecutive number and the current date.

Click on "Generate Vouchers" to create the voucher batch.

After successful creation of a voucher code batch, all created codes will be displayed under the creation form. The codes can now be used by users. You can also copy and save the codes. You can also view the codes at a later date and, for example, download them as QR codes.

Generated codes are shown below the form.

On the right-hand side you will see voucher code batches that have already been created. You can open them again at any time to see which codes have already been used or which codes have not yet been used. To do this, click on the edit icon.

The edit button is shown in the action column.

Clicking on Edit takes you to a detail page of the voucher code editor. Here you can edit all the properties of the voucher code again.

If you edit a voucher you see the edit form again.

Note: Changes to existing voucher code batches do not affect vouchers that have already been used. However, vouchers that have not yet been used include all saved changes.

At the bottom of the voucher editor you will find the section for already used and still available voucher codes. The tab "Used" shows you all the already used codes with the respective users who have used this code.

Vouchers that have been used are displayed with the users who have used the code.

In the "Available" tab you will find all voucher codes that have not yet been used.

Switch to the "Available" tab to view all available voucher codes.

Alternatively, you can use the Download unused codes (.txt) button to download all codes that have not yet been used in a text file.

The download redeemable codes button can be found below user groups.

Download voucher code as QR code

For each voucher code, you will see the 6-digit code in the list and also a field for a QR code. Click on the QR code symbol to generate a QR code or a data matrix.

After the click, a window opens in which you can generate the QR code or the data matrix. In the window you will also see a note that this QR code can also be used so that users can register themselves independently with this voucher code. As an alternative to the QR code, you can also use the link provided.

In the new window two buttons can be seen to create a qr code or a data matrix.

Click Create Image next to QR Code or Data Matrix to register the respective QR code. The QR code is then displayed directly in the window. With a click on the right mouse button and "Save image as..." you can save the generated QR code and print or send it.

The QR code will be displayed below the buttons.

Time-limited voucher codes

Each voucher code batch can give a learner access for a certain time. You can define this with the expiry date and the Expires after field. You can also specify a time after which a voucher expires. You can define this with the field Redeemable until.

Expiry date: Use the Expiry date field if you want access to content to expire at a fixed time. For example, a pilot test with voucher code access is only valid until the end of the month. For this you would generate a batch with the expiry date on the last day of the month.

Expires after: Use this field if you want access to content to expire after a certain period of time. For example, a user should only be allowed to use the app one month after the date of registration. For this, you would generate a batch with the value for the duration of one month.

Redeemable until: This date determines until when the voucher code must be redeemed before it loses its validity. This field can only be filled in with an exact date.

Time period according to ISO 8601

The length of time for the Expires After field is specified using the ISO 8601 format. ISO 8601 is a standard for specifying time durations.


Each ISO 8601 formatted duration begins with the letter "P". The "P" stands for the definition of a period of time. If the time span also contains a defined duration in hours, minutes or seconds, the letter "T" is prefixed. The "T" is a separator for the time. This is followed by the number and the time unit in the form of the first letter of the English word.

To help you, you can describe the duration in words. A user should have access for "3 hours, 30 minutes and 50 seconds".

The duration is thus given as "PT3H30M50S" in ISO 8601 format.

Another example: The duration should be "2 years, 6 months, 4 days and 12 hours".

Years, months and days are determined before the time. The separator "T" is placed in between. Time units that are not defined, such as 0 minutes, can be omitted. Therefore, the formatted duration is "P2Y6M4DT12H".

Assignments to groups and content packages

Voucher codes can be used to ensure that users are assigned to the correct groups or content packages when they register. This information is optional when creating voucher code batches.

Content package assignment

In order for users to be assigned content packages via voucher codes, you simply need to select the correct groups in the Content Packages field. You can also select multiple content packages.

If you only use the content package assignment and leave the group assignment blank, the default group for users will be selected during registration.

Note: The content package assignment does not expire with the expiry date. The expiry date only affects the lifetime of the users who register with the voucher code.

Tip: The content package assignment is especially useful if users are already registered and only need to receive additional content.

Group assignment

The group field can be found in the voucher form.

To assign users to a group during registration or afterwards, you must specify one or more groups for the Voucher Code Batch. If you only use the group assignment and do not specify a content package, the users will have access to the content packages assigned to the selected group.

Note: Assignment to groups does not expire with the expiry date. The expiry date only affects the lifetime of the users who register with the voucher code.

Activate and deactivate voucher codes

If you have created voucher codes, they are activated by default and can be used as long as the voucher code is valid. However, you can also manually deactivate existing voucher codes so that they can no longer be redeemed.

To deactivate a voucher code batch, edit the desired voucher batch by clicking Edit in the Existing Vouchers column on the right.

In the Voucher Editor you will then find the Active option. Created voucher codes are always active by default until they expire or all vouchers have been used. To manually deactivate a voucher code, uncheck the Active box and save your changes.

The active option can be found below the voucher name.

Deactivated voucher codes remain deactivated until you manually reactivate them. Deactivating voucher codes is suitable, for example, for activating voucher codes only in certain time slots such as classroom training.

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